Thursday, January 3, 2008

Settling in

We're here. That being said, I'm still feeling a bit like I'm in limbo... between two worlds. I don't know how long it's supposed to take the typical expat to feel at home, but I'm guessing longer than four months.

A friend/neighbor took me shopping yesterday: a few rugs for the tile floors were a top priority for me to feel like we're not living in one huge bathroom. Don't know when we'll have our own car, although I can't say I'm particularly eager to get out and drive it anyway. The traffic is every bit as intimidating as I thought it would be, although I was glad to find out the school is only 2 roundabouts away and the nearest grocery store only 1 away.

And I made dinner last night--nothing exciting, but I needed to do it so I would feel in control a bit, kind of like when I would go grocery shopping as soon as I could after each of my kids was born, taking all of them with me as they accumulated. Right after we finished dinner, a neighbor dropped by with a hot pan of food for us, so I'm off the hook for tonight. It looked tempting for breakfast. My stomach is still confused over which meal it wants, not quite recovered from the jet lag yet. Fresh baked goods are plentiful (and cheap) around here, but I haven't ventured out yet for anything more than a loaf of French bread at the grocery store (less than $1 for a huge, thick baguette). Since most of the food I found was more expensive than in the States, it's good to see that if we're willing to live on bread alone, we won't starve. Eggs, on the other hand? About $1 a piece. Apparently, Qatar used to get most of its eggs from Saudi Arabia, but the country had to slaughter all of its poultry b/c of the avian flu and the supply is still down.

Time to go find the boys and drag them home for lunch. They've already made a friend right across from us. He's between their ages and was over here ringing our bell first thing this morning. I plan to take the kids swimming later (which means walking out our door and behind our building), but the pool is otherwise empty. It's in the low 80s here, which is too cold for people used to this climate. The water is actually heated right now but is cooled when the weather gets really warm.

I hear it snowed in Pittsburgh???

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Sandy said...

Hey Bob - I'm enjoying your info about Qatar. Most interesting! Of course, mostly interesting because you're there and I get to picture your family in the setting you're describing. Are you liking it though? Now, if you only played tennis (and I forget what other amenities you mentioned) to really get your money's worth. But 5-1/2 baths? Ni-i-i-ce!