Saturday, December 22, 2007

Peace on Earth, good will?

I am so naive I apparently border being criminal. And in the eyes of the plaintiffs' attorney, I've crossed that border. Merry Christmas to me.

Here's my holiday advice to anyone who cares to listen:

Don't talk to anyone, especially if they might feel guilty because of that conversation. Apparently guilt leads to frustration which leads to anger which leads to a harassment suit being filed against you. And even if they seem perfectly receptive to your conversing with them at the time, they're just kidding, and the real punchline comes when their attorney calls you, screaming and claiming he's going to force you to fly your family back from Doha twice over the next few months for separate depositions--one for you and one for your husband. Why? Because, silly you, you thought people could still have civilized conversations with each other. You thought that somewhere deep inside the heart of everyone lay the ability to just be reasonable.

No such chance.

Naive? Absolutely. And so ready to be heading to a place where I can gain perspective.

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Valerie said...

Did you try to talk to the person who is suing you about the dog bite? Rough to have that extra stress when you're trying to get packed to leave the country.

What are you doing about your house?