Friday, February 11, 2011

Mindless Wonderings/Wanderings

I've felt like crap most of today. Not looking for sympathy here--just surprised at myself. I don't get sick often. In fact, I rather revel in my usual health and ability to repel even the most aggressive bugs. And what I'm feeling isn't "sick" so much as "in pain." But this isn't about my medical symptoms and my refusal to go to the doctor until I have to be carried there.

I was clicking around my toolbar--hopping from Dictionary to Chicago Manual of Style to Hulu--and I decided I'm curious: What's in your toolbar?

Here's my list (because I know you're dying to know, and if you're not, don't tell me you're not, because remember? I'm in pain already. So, okay, maybe I'm looking for a little sympathy, or at least enough for you to not openly mock me.):

Gmail--I'm on gmail almost always. I sometimes miss writing longhand and give it a shot, but then my hand cramps up and I remember why USPS is having troubles these days.
Yahoo!--My news page.
Facebook--I don't spend hours on this, but I do check in regularly just to see what old and distant friends are up to. I saw the movie, by the way. I thought it was really good but not Oscar worthy. Actually, I can't remember the last time I saw an Oscar-worthy movie.
Google--I'm there more than I'm on gmail or Facebook. Who isn't?
Thesaurus--It's an editor's friend.
Dictionary--See Thesaurus.
All Recipes--I've gotten rid of most of my cookbooks over the last few years. The ones I hold on to I hold on to for sentimental reasons. (Can someone be sentimental about a cookbook?)
My blog--I go here to check out my blog roll, which I think I need to add to, by the way, because I'm not wasting nearly enough time stalking strangers.
Twitter--I should really delete that one since it's been months since I've tweeted. Spending time there depressed me, made me anxious and uptight. It felt too TOO much like stalking, and I found that 140 characters is just enough for people to succinctly gripe and kvetch and mock (none of which I ever do, of course).
Amazon--Yes, I love independents. Two of my brothers own independents, one of which (the independent, not the brother) used to be my parents'. But I also have a little crush on Amazon.
Calculator--Hm. I guess it's just easier than looking for a physical one.
New York Times--I think my husband put this one on. I need to remove it since I never look at it.
Wunderground--Because I need to know just how much snow Chicago is going to get before spring finally shows up. And then I need to know how much rain to expect. And then just how hot it's going to get before fall rolls around. And then how long I have until the whole snow and cold thing starts up again.
Chicago Manual of Style--Again, it's an editor thing.
Chicago Tribune--Ron, stop adding to my toolbar.
PowerSchool--This is how I gather the info necessary to nag my kids about their grades. Poor things. And I'm so glad my parents didn't have this when I was in school.
Hulu--I won't even mention his name again, as I know you're sick of hearing it.

Gee that was fun. ~sigh~ And really: what's your toolbar like? Because once I get rid of a few of these, I'll have some room for more time-wasting sites to entertain me (which kind of contradicts the "time-wasting" descriptor . . . kind of) while I tell myself I'm feeling better and better all the time.

Off to Hulu now.


AngryBaker said...

Sorry you are sick. I always forget how horrible being sick is until I'm there and realize just why my kids act so miserably.

I have a lot of the same stuff in my toolbar. I visit far too often for someone who is not an editor. Nerd alert: I love looking up words. I've got my weather button and the bank button and the website for the school district. Also, the local news site with school closings. I purposely have NYT - it's kind of like my FB. It is really tempting to use Twitter as a kvetch tool, and I try hard not to, but I know it happens. The good stuff I have is Etsy, Outblush, and Google Reader. You should try the reader out for managing the blogs you read. Mine is set to only show me the updated blogs, so I know which ones to check out. Cal is trying to get me excited about dropbox, so that's why that one exists. I've still got Goodreads up, but it's been probably 6 months since I visited. Suppose that should go.

If you're getting really desperate you can got to Web MD and play around with the symptom checker. It's always fun to click on the body diagram and get options like "feeling of impending doom."

Val said...

You absolutely can be emotionally attached to cookbooks!
On my toolbar: iGoogle (where I have all the blogs I read), Gmail, NYTimes, Calorie Count, TED talks list, the website for Z's school, Z's blog, Carnegie Libraries (do you miss them?), and a typing tutorial for Z. The first three are the ones I'm on every day.
Hope you feel better soon.

Bobbie said...

AB, I haven't heard of Outblush. I love the bunny tee they have up. (As an aside, I can't stand teddy bears but snuggling rabbits are pretty darn cute.)I've tried Google Reader but I've been too impatient to really figure it out. And I need to clean it up too since a lot of the blogs I used to follow I don't anymore. Yep. Lazy.

I did check on Web MD. It's how I diagnosed my brother with an abscess that would kill him in two hours, when really he just had a canker sore. And apparently, according to the site, I have either gallstones or pancreatitis. And I don't have time for either, so since I'm not in pain today, I'll live in denial until I can't anymore.

Oh, Val... the typing tutorial. I've been meaning to find a good one for Emma. Can you let me know which one you use?

Susan said...

1. Just a short run (the 1/2 marathon I ran)
2. news channel for school delays or closings
3. some site that has the year books from all the high schools in my county, so I can look up the people that ask me to be their friend on fb
4. fb
5. y-mail
6. g-mail
7. my family (which I never get on, it's really paul's family's web site)
8. google
10. blog file
11. cmu girls' basketball game schedule (my friend is their coach and we like to go to the games)

Nothing too interesting, but I still end up wasting a lot of time with them.