Sunday, October 26, 2008

If you buy a gal dinner . . .

So, I'm feeling a little used these days.

I was initially okay with just buying her dinner without expecting her to come in afterward. She was shy, nervous, a little unsure. I got that. I thought, "She'll come around eventually. She'll be so blown away with gratitude for how much I do for her, for how patient I've been. One day she'll invite herself in, rub up against me, snuggle up for a while. And then, who knows? Maybe stay a while?"

But it's not happening like that at all. She still just expects me to drop what I'm doing whenever she needs me, yet she offers nothing in return. A girl can only go without affection and appreciation for so long before it's time to say enough is enough. I think it might be time to end it. I have my pride after all.

And the thing is, I know she's been seeing someone else all along. I've known that for weeks now, but did it stop me? No. So I had this coming, didn't I? I know where she sleeps at night, and it's not at my house, it's at this other woman's house.

Yet when she sits outside my kitchen door, patiently waiting for me to open it, it's hard to walk away. She's just too dang cute to be ignored.

And besides . . . I still have one more unopened bag of cat food. But after that, I'm calling it quits with Buffy. I mean it.

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